We help small businesses to reach out to new and existing clients through the Internet. The first step in establishing presence online is to setup a website. We help to choose a domain name, select a website design and layout, implement interactive elements and also assist you with putting your message online.

Website design is naturally an iterative process of trial and error. For the best result all elements need to align perfectly. This includes overall design, colours, graphics, images, menus and displayed text itself!

The very first step is to decide on the website name. Also known as domain name and DNS name. In some cases it may be worth registering multiple domain names to avoid confusion in the future. Look at how google.com and google.co.uk co-exist at the same time.

The next step is to look at your existing branding materials – your business logo can be a good starting point in search for a website design template. We are licensed to offer Elegant Themes design templates and Cyberchimps design templates to our clients. And choice is by far not limited by this two collections.

What follows next is an iterative process when website design, website layout, texts, images and graphics are all melted together into an professional tool – your website!

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