Web hosting is a service of making a website available to the Internet. We can host your website on our servers in London, Gloucester, Frankfurt or Moscow. Alternatively we can recommend 1&1 UK for projects that require 24/7 support.

When deciding where to host a website it is important to consider physical location of the server and how many resources of that server will be available to your website. If most of your clients are in London – go for a hosting provider with servers in London. This way your website will load faster! And also Google and other search engines consider physical location of the server when they show up search results. If your website is in Texas it is less likely to be displayed in search results for the UK.

Blue Star has servers in 4 locations:

  • North London
  • Gloucester
  • Frankfurt
  • Moscow

For larger websites it may be feasible to setup a dedicated server or share load between multiple servers in different locations.

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