Everyone can write. This is a skill that comes with experience. At Blue Star London we have such experience.

Today people are overloaded with information – too much of everything from all directions! How to survive?

We write succint and yet informational copy that is based on facts and needs of the reader.

Rules we follow:

  • Facts and hard evidence – don’t insult readers’ intelligence by making outlandish claims, allow readers to process information themselves
  • Give readers what they need – solve their problems rather than practice self-promotion
  • Professional – demonstrate that you speak the language. Would you prefer a stud wall or a fake wall?
  • Personal – show your face, show you are a human being.
  • Keep it simple and accessible. Some prefer to skim before reading, some have small screens, some have high resolution displays. Some will read full page, some will read a paragraph.

When do you need a copywriter?

There are many situations when you need to write text. Do you hire a copywriter or do you craft it yourself?

Reasons to hire a copywriter:

  • You get an outsider’s view – helps to avoid professional jargon and omitting important details just because they are “trivial” to you
  • Free up your time to focus on YOUR business!
  • Language skills – at Blue Star London we have proficiency in ENGLISH and RUSSIAN.
  • Better understanding of audience and fashionable trends.
  • And the most important – you need a COPY that SELLs.

Our Service

We specialise in writing copy for digital media – websites, Facebook, Instgram.

Blue Star London has some of its own talent as well as a group of copywriters we outsource to.

To write text that sells and conveys positive image of your business it is important to understand your business and industry you operate in. This is why any engagement requires a presale call – we discuss what you need, what we can offer and how we shall proceed. Please, leave your details below so we can contact you.