Website Design

Website is a key element of a modern marketing strategy. You need it to attract new clients, you need it to retain existing clients. Just doing your job well is no longer enough.

Blue Star London is helping small businesses to succeed in Internet 2.0 age.

If you are just launched, we can help you to setup a basic website very quickly. In simple terms, you will need a Home Page, a list of Services, a page with information about business and a Contact Us form!

If you have a logo, that’s a great starting point! If not, we can design a simple logo for you after initial meeting or a phone call.

Once your website is live, it is time to attract attention of existing and prospective clients:

  1. Print new business cards!
  2. Register in business directories like Yell and
  3. Add your business on Google Maps, Bing Maps etc
  4. Create a Facebook Page, setup an Instagram account
  5. Publish Ads online and offline

Once you start getting visitors to your website, it is time to consider conversion ratio and your actual website design, content and SEO.

For example, you have 100 visitors. Only 5 visitors would decide to contact you. That gives you 100-150 leads per month. And depending on your products and services, that could be 5-10 new happy clients.

Does your website bring new clients? Does it drive sales up?

For established websites, we start with technology audit:

  1. Is your website sufficiently fast?
  2. Does your website use secure HTTPS with SSL Certificate?
  3. Is it mobile friendly? How does it look like on iPhone, iPad? How about Android phones?
  4. Does it support modern retina / 4K screens? Images from 2014 look very unattractive in 2019 once you stretch them to full width of 3940 pixels!
  5. What versions of software does it use? Is it necessary to upgrade to latest version of WordPress? How about Plugins?

and SEO audit:

  1. Is it possible to find your website in Google and Bing?
  2. Is there any backlinks? Do other websites link to your website?
  3. Does your website adhere to best practices, like single H1 header per page? Do images have descriptions in ALT attribute?
  4. How easy is it to read texts on your website?

Any shortcomings are then reported back to you and we design a plan how your website can be improved.

e-Commerce in 2019 is expected to be engaging and accessible. It is not enough to have a website with shopfront. Many people shop on eBay, even more people shop on Amazon. Some happy to shop on more exotic marketplaces like

Your website can act as a central piece of the puzzle – selling merchandise to website visitors as well as feeding eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces with product descriptions and images.

WooCommerce (an extension for WordPress) evolved into a robust e-commerce system. You can use it to sell all kinds of goods – from trivial office supplies to designer dresses.

If your are selling digital products, such as e-books or tutorials, there is another popular option – it is Easy Digital Downloads. So your choice is not restricted to WooCommerce.

Great advantage of e-Commerce is that you can track effectiveness of your Ads quite easily. How much do you need to spend on Google Ads to sell an item? If you understand that number, you can plan very efficient Ad campaigns.

At Blue Star we strive to compliment your entrepreneurial and marketing skills with knowledge and comprehension of technology driving Internet 2.0 and modern age e-Commerce.

Web Hosting

If your website is using WordPress content-management system, we can offer you professional hosting in one of our locations:

  • London – the best option for London and South East England
  • Gloucester – good choice for Wales and South West England
  • Frankfurt – good choice for Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and France.
  • Moscow – good choice for Moscow and the rest of Russia

We only offer managed service tailored for business users – we take care of software upgrades and domain name rewewals. We take daily backups of your website so if something happens it can be restored quickly.

Alternatively we can recommend 1&1 IONOS UK for projects that require 24/7 support. Once you register a client account with them, we can help with setting up a VPS or a dedicated server and getting your website up and running!

Maintenance, Support

For our clients we offer website maintenance, uptime monitoring and daily backup services.

This helps to reduce any potential impact of technical issues, computer viruses and malware on your business and its reputation.

WordPress is a user-friendly content management system (CMS) and most people can make small website updates themselves without engaging IT professionals. However some updates require skills and knowledge and we are here to help.

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