Helping to make an impact!

We help to convert leads into paying customers and to retain existing customers.

Would you be interested to:

  • Emphasise strong sides of your products and services?
  • Use high quality marketing and Internet solutions to boost your credibility?
  • Attract new customers through web and social media?
  • Safeguard your online presence from hackers and viruses?

Let’s talk if you answered YES to any of question.

Shall We Start With a Logo?

Our approach to design is focused on your business logo as a starting point. A good logo should communicate your values and position yourself among the competition. Do you think of yourself as a sharp deal-maker? Are you building a socially oriented enterprise and warm colours is the best fit for you?

We help you to decide what colours shall be used on your business cards and select a colour palette for your stationary and your website.

At Blue Star London we specialise on a delivering great value to our customers. For business cards we use a number of template designs that we can tailor to your business.

What is a Business Website?

Have you made a million launching a website? There are many people who did. Not promising you millions. But we can build a solid business web site for you.

When building a website you must decide if you want a fancy website full of animation and eye candy or if your objective is to communicate with your existing and prospective customers. The first group of websites is called entertainment websites. The second group is business websites.

At Blue Star London we can do both, however our speciality is websites where information and infographics are blended together for the best appeal.

My Website Rocks!

Pretty much like a car, a website needs maintenance. We take care of WordPress upgrades, plugin updates, performance optimisations and defence against hackers and malware.

Cloud Solutions and Web Hosting

Not every website is made equal. Some websites work fast and please visitors. Others take minutes to load and challenge everyone’s patience. Even Google decided it is ENOUGH and slow websites are not out of favour in its rankings.

Blue Star London is a partner of Digital Ocean – a global leader in small business cloud solutions. We can setup and maintain a virtual private server (VPS). If you have more demanding needs we can design and deliver a solution that is both cost efficient and technologically advanced.

For businesses with smaller presence online we offer web hosting solutions by Blue Star Host. It is a small web hosting company based in London with servers in England and Germany.

Some of our customers are using services of 1&1 IONOS UK. We have a partnership status with them and can support you if you decide to use 1&1 IONOS services.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

When it comes to Digital Marketing and Social Media there are many roads to take.

At Blue Star London we can offer advice on what works and what doesn’t, what is cool and what is old school.

If you elect us to be your marketing agency on Facebook, we will assist and guide you through your Facebook business manager. We will help to setup Facebook Pixel.

Google My Business is equally important for anyone with presence online. We can assist with customising your page and integrating it with your website. Google Analytics is leading tool for analysing web traffic and is highly helpful to anyone running advertisements on any of Google platforms.

Finally, we have experience with writing copy and processing images and graphics for business directories such as, Bark and others.

Jumping into the Future!

As a small agency we have flexibility to introduce new services at short notice. If you want some help, speak to us. We might be able to help. By the way, would you like a Cartoon Video to be made for your company?

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